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Monday, January 10, 2022

Spaghetti Ice

When our family lived in Europe, we were introduced to Spaghetti Ice, an ice cream dessert which, at the time, was served mainly in German Eis Cafés. It's a relatively simple concoction as far as ingredients go but making them at home requires a less-common gadget--a potato ricer (or a spaetzle press). In the Eis cafe's we visited in Germany, they had electric presses that extruded vanilla ice cream in thin, long spaghetti shapes. (I suppose, but don't know, that an electric pasta maker might work.) Strawberry sauce is the stand in for spaghetti sauce, and grated white chocolate looks like Parmesan. If you happen to have a ball shaped chocolate candy, you can include a "meatball". We often use Ferraro Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates, but current supply chain issues keep us reluctantly flexible.


Spaghetti Ice

Source: German Eis Cafés 

These instructions are for roughly 4 people, depending on appetites and ages. See this as a guide, not a true recipe.

1-1 1/2 c heavy whipping cream, whipped with some vanilla and a T of granulated sugar 
1 generous pint of strawberries, cleaned and trimmed if fresh, or thawed if frozen
1-2 T sugar
1 bar of white chocolate (preferably real chocolate, rather than imitation, if you can find it
vanilla ice cream, softened a few minutes at room temperature if your freezer runs very cold

Keep the whipped cream in the fridge to keep it as cool as possible.

You may want to place your bowls in the freezer or refrigerator before prep so the ice cream doesn't melt as fast. 

Place strawberries and sugar in a blender or food processor and run until smooth. Don't worry too much about getting it completely smooth since real spaghetti sauce can be chunky. Taste this to be sure it's sweet enough for you and add more sugar, if you'd like.

Grate the white chocolate on a microplane if you have one. Or grate the chocolate on the small wholes of a grater.

We prepare and serve these immediately to each individual, meaning the cook with the job of pressing the ice cream eats later. You could prep them and place bowls back in the freezer and serve all at the same time if that's important.

Place a big spoonful of whipped cream in the bottom of the bowl. Push a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer over the whipped cream and allow to mound up like a pile of spaghetti. This often ends up being a two-person job with the stronger person managing the pressing and a helper using a butter knife to cut the strands of ice cream off the bottom of the ricer.

Quickly top with some of the strawberry sauce and a spoonful of the grated white chocolate.  Place a chocolate "meatball" or two on the side and serve.

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