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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whole Wheat Croissants

I'm pretty excited today. I baked my first homemade croissants. They are pretty darn good, but I'm not bragging if I give credit to the original poster, David Lebovitz (my favorite ice cream recipe author). All I did was follow a recipe which took attention 3-4 times, but really wasn't very time consuming. It was a bit of a rolling pin work out, though. Since I'm enthused about this, I'm just going to include the link and hope you'll go there. I plan to post the recipe sometime, but not today.

One of the great things about this recipe is that it has some whole wheat flour which helps me feel less guilty about tearing into a croissant.



 Whole Wheat Croissants

Source:  David Lebovitz: living the sweet life in Paris

Yield: 6 large, rich croissants

For the recipe, please click on the link above. Lebovitz gives great directions. However, one thing I noticed was that he instructs you to leave the point on the top of the croissant but none of his photos of his croissants show that he did that himself. I found that in at least one case the point slipped off towards the back. Next time I will try it with the point underneath, or nearly.

Here's another photo to tempt you:

These aren't quite as beautiful as Lebovitz's but not bad for a first try.

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