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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Orange Refrigerator Rolls

I first tasted these rolls soon after we entered the Air Force and moved to Mather AFB in California for Leon's navigator training. While there we made friends with Bob and Joyce Lemmon and their little boy, Bobby. Joyce made these rolls for us and I've been baking them ever since, even though I already possessed a superb recipe for rolls. Since I've insisted on serving both types of rolls, our family has had 68 rolls when we've eaten Thanksgiving dinner, even when it was just the five of us. We never have polished them off, not really come close, except when we've had company. But it has been nice to enjoy the bounty.

Almost ready to go into the oven.


Orange Refrigerator Rolls

Source:   Thanks to Joyce Lemmon for her contribution to decades of good eating
Yields 36

Soak for 10 to 15 minutes, until you see some bubbling action:

2 pkg or 4 1/2 teas active dry yeast
1/2 c warm water

Add to yeast and water: (you may worry about the curdled look to this mixture, but just continue, add the flour and it will all come together then.)

1/2 c sugar
1/2 c butter, at room temperature
3 beaten eggs
2 teas salt
3/4 c warm water

Stir in:

4 c flour

This is a very soft dough; don't add more flour. Let rise until double. Mix down, cover and place in the refrigerator (it will keep 3-4 days, if you stir it down occasionally). About three hours before serving, stir the dough down and divide half of the dough out of the bowl.  Roll this first portion of dough into a thin rectangle, using ample flour on a pastry cloth or counter. (Repeat with second half.)  The dough will be very sticky. Don't stir in more flour, but use plenty of flour as you roll the dough out.

Spread with Orange Butter:

zest of 1 large orange
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c very soft butter

With a pizza slicer cut into 1 inch slices and roll. Place in 3 well oiled or buttered muffin tins. Let rise to the top of the tins, about 2 hours, depending on the heat.

Bake at 375F for 8-12 minutes. Check for browning. Use a fork to remove rolls from the tins and serve immediately.

Note: This is a recipe that predates "instant" yeast. The last time I made this I used instant yeast and skipped the soaking step. I combined the yeast with 1 1/4 c water, 1/2 c sugar, 1/2 c butter, 3 beaten eggs, 2 teas salt. I stirred the mixture well and added the flour. It worked out fine.

It is hard to see, but here is the orange butter spread over the soft dough.

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