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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Silver Lining Salad

I've been wanting to post this "recipe" all summer but have been hung up on naming it. I figure I'd better get it done before summer is over.

Years ago, when the kids were 3, 7, and 9, I traveled from Bahrain to the United States and was caught in space-available hell. Anyone who is military and has tried to travel on space-A may understand what I mean. It was easy to get out of Bahrain but impossible to get back (something I didn't know when I embarked on the trip). After several weeks of waiting to get a flight back to Bahrain, I reluctantly bought tickets for the four of us to return home (extremely expensive, let me tell you). The flight was to leave Philadelphia late one afternoon in August. When I ventured out of my hotel room that day, I  predicted that thunderstorms were going to be a problem and they certainly were. The kids and I spent nearly 12 hours in the airport (how bored do you think they were?) and finally at nearly midnight the flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the following day. In those days airlines would provide lodging and give you vouchers for meals if flights were interrupted, even by weather, so we were bused to close-by New Jersey, put up in a nice hotel, and given vouchers for breakfast the next day. This salad is what I ordered and it hit the spot. I wonder if one of the reasons it appeals to me is because a part of me remembers the relief it was to be out of the airport. In spite of its simplicity, I love the combination, although one key is finding excellent cottage cheese.


Silver Lining Salad

assorted fruits according to season: melons, berries, stone fruits, bananas, etc., cut into bite size pieces
cottage cheese, I think full fat is best, but low-fat works, too

Arrange the fruit on your plate in a pattern that pleases your eye (or mix in a bowl and plate up). Place a generous serving spoonful of cottage cheese in the center. Dig in.


I am sure this could successfully be amended with some chopped mint, or a drizzle of flavored simple syrup, but in this case I have never been tempted to gild the lily.


  1. :) wish I liked cottage cheese...

    1. To be honest, I don't like most cottage cheese. I am really fussy, so I can understand why you don't like it. Most of it isn't any good. I've found that I like Organic Valley more than any other kind. There was a local brand in Virginia, I liked, too, but that won't do you any good.

      Maybe you should try it with vanilla yogurt or a Greek yogurt. Have you tried lemon flavored? It would be good.