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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tom's Dutch Baby

This is a doubled recipe. The single recipe is thinner and has more ridges and valleys as it bakes.

Tom's Dutch Baby

Preheat oven and cast iron skillet to 450F.

Whisk together:

3 eggs
2/3 c milk
Pinch salt
1 t vanilla (or any other flavored liquor or extract)

Whisk in 2/3 C flour.

Add 1/2 stick butter to hot skillet to melt.

Then you dump it in the skillet and cook for 15 minutes until puffy and browned on top.

Top with cajeta, fruit, nuts, etc. and serve.

Note from Colette:

I think the best size skillet for this is a 10 inch. If you want to double this, use a 12 to 14 inch skillet.

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  1. Was served it this weekend and it was fantastic!!